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While the music field is replete with companies that publish everything from mystery novels to cookbooks, the gospel music publishing genre is much more limited.  These publishers spend hours upon hours creating a virtual work of art in their songbooks, which are collections of some of the very best songs in gospel music today.  These publishers help songwriters from across the country get their music to the world, so we want to bring their books of inspiration to you.  If you would like to order one of their books, please contact them today!  Join me in thanking them for the amazing job they do each and every year to bring more of God's music to you!

Freeman & Beavers Music & Printing

Hallelujah Gospel
Our 2018 New Songbook for Conventions,
Church and Singing School

We especially thank each writer and composer who has contributed
their talents to our books.  May God richly bless you.

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